Nail Ladies!!! Lori Halloway has changed my life!!! I spent the day using her patented Ergo Lift arm rest and can I just say, NO NECK PAIN!!! This is worth everything and my clients have loved this, please spread the word to help all your nail tech friends experience it’s magic. Thank you Lori! Brilliant!
Lacy Allen

I would like to tell you all about The Ergo Lift from the Meticulous Manicurist. It has made such a big difference for me. I had shoulder surgery exactly one year ago. I suffered with bone spurs and rotator cuff issues. Not only that, but i also had a spacer put in my neck. Even after both surgeries, I continued to experience shoulder and neck pains from holding my clients hands while filing and using the e-file. Since I’ve started using The Ergo Lift, the pain has been greatly reduced. I highly recommend this item. For me it’s been a great purchase.

Debbie Parker

I absolutely love mine and so do my clients. It has made a huge difference in my daily manicuring and times for my clientele!
Jeanette Oberlink

It took me a few times of using it to get comfortable with it, but i truly works great for keeping the clients hands where I need them to be. Plus there is no more pressure of the clients hands fighting against me. I wish this would’ve been available 32 years ago when I first started doing nails and I can totally recommend this device to tall nail techs.

Jill Wright


I have been struggling with neck issues (bulging discs, pinched nerve, straightening of the neck and osteoarthritis) and my spine doctor told me I should quit my job. That was not an option for me-I love my job! So, I tried the ergo lift by Lori Halloway. It has made a huge difference in my pain. It allows all the pressure from my clients hand and arm to be completely transferred to The Ergo Lift instead of to me. I currently am pain free. I highly recommend The Ergo Lift. I had tried other lifts, they didn’t help and my clients hated them. My clients find The Ergo Lift very comfortable.

Kim Snyder

The Ergo Lift is a total game changer.  I am a seasoned nail tech who has been doing nails for many years.  This Ergo Lift has made my job so much easier (no struggling with wrist grabbers, stiff fingers, etc.)

The bonus is how much my clients like it too.  They keep telling me how comfortable it keeps them throughout their entire service. Thank you so much Lori for this amazing device. No manicurist should be without this!

Thank you,

Marcia Odett

I purchase one at the Nail Tech Event and honestly have no clue how I did my services without it!! I can definitely tell a huge difference. So much more comfortable for my client and for myself.

Jillian Hix McDonald